Small House Designer and Design Definition Group, with More Than 20 Members, Launches to Promote and Support Small Houses

The Small House Design Definition and Innovation Network (SBDIN) is an organization that provides guidance and support to small house designers, architects, and owners, in developing their designs, building their small houses, and selling them.

Founded in 2017, SBDIN has more than 20 members, who are active in the small house design community, and have been working to promote the benefits of small houses in the past year.

The SBDI is a not-for-profit organization, with its mission to promote small house development, build the industry’s reputation for low-cost design, and help educate small house owners and owners on the benefits and risks of the design process.

The group also works to promote and support the small home community, as well as the design community.

SBDINE, with an initial focus on designing and building small houses and apartments, has been involved in numerous projects in the community, including the recently completed, and planned, renovation of the City of Westport’s historic Main Street Historic District, which was built in 1965.

The project was completed last month and the building is scheduled to open later this year.

“As we build a new downtown core that we call Westport, we are also starting to see a shift in the city’s design and development landscape,” said Julie Miller, a Westport resident and member of SBDine.

“Westport has always been a pioneer in small house construction.

Its unique history, rich history, and diverse demographics has made it a popular destination for families, small businesses, and developers alike.

We are proud to be a part of that trend.”

The Sbdine members include designers, builders, designers and owners from around the world.

The goal of the group is to educate the public on the pros and cons of building a small home, and offer practical advice for those who have never considered the process.

Sbdini’s mission statement is to promote, support, and inspire small house developers, designers, and buyers by encouraging and supporting them to pursue their dreams, build their small homes, and sell them, through the SBDINO (Small House Designer & Innovation Network) program.

“Our members, like us, are passionate about helping create and support small house communities in Westport,” said SBDino President, Michelle Seltzer.

“We are proud of the work we are doing to provide local designers and builders with resources to help them achieve their goals.”

The group is currently accepting applications for its first year of memberships.

If interested, please contact: Julie Miller at [email protected], 785-638-5678,

The Small Home Designer & Design Definition & Innovation Program (SbdIN) provides the following: The SBNI offers the opportunity for designers, manufacturers, builders and owners to build, purchase, and resell small houses as part of their career.

It provides a small house program, with the hope of helping small house builders and designers to further their careers.

SBNIN members are not paid, but are provided with the tools and support they need to make their small house designs and designs sell.

For more information, please visit

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