I had a fun Halloween project, but it’s probably best for everyone else

I started a Halloween project that involved a pumpkin, a snowman, and a bunch of design elements.

I started with the basic design elements of a snowflake and a snow man, but I ended up making all of the shapes myself.

For the snowman I created a set of shapes that I would decorate with my own design elements (think of them as a sort of Lego-esque kit).

As the project evolved, I was able to add new designs and creative touches that added more to the overall look of the project.

The project is currently running on my blog and on Pinterest.

The goal is to make the project a staple for the community and to encourage others to explore this creative, fun, and imaginative project.

The design elements that I used in this project: A snowy man I made in Photoshop A snowflake I made with the help of a 3D printer and a couple of different brushes The snowman’s face I used for a couple different shapes I used as a guide The two little snowmen that the snowmen were inspired by The snowman was made in Adobe Illustrator.

Pumpkin I made using a large-format digital sketch pad (I think the standard size for digital sketch pads is 2.5 x 2.7 inches).

The base was a bit hard to make, but after a few tries I managed to get it down.

A set of pumpkin shapes I made a little after the project started.

One of the snowflakes that I made.

I like to think of this as a Christmas-themed “make it yours” gift!

The snowy man was made by a lot of different people, and it was an amazing learning experience.

If you’re looking for more ideas for Halloween decor, check out the Halloween Pinterest board.

Happy Halloween!

[Featured Image by Lizzie Wong/iStockphoto]

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