Watch the first-ever silhouette design for the new Nike SB Dunk High sneakers

A new silhouette design from Nike’s new Nike Dunk High collection has arrived on the internet and it’s one that is sure to please sneakerheads, sneaker fans, and anyone who likes sneakers.

The silhouette, which was released exclusively for the online store of design firm silhouette design, is a mix of black and grey and features a silhouette inspired by the silhouettes of athletes.

The silhouette is called the Dunk High and it features a pair of high-top sneakers that feature the brand’s iconic Dunk logo at the top and the Nike SB silhouette logo at either side.

The Dunk High is the latest release from Nike and it comes in three colorways.

It is available for purchase on February 16, the first day of the 2016 NBA playoffs, and will be available for immediate shipment in the coming days.

The Nike SB High sneakers feature a sleek black upper with a pair a heel and three-quarter heel that are also black.

On the tongue of the sneakers, there is a pair that features a traditional sneaker logo.

On the bottom, the shoe features Nike SB’s signature silhouette on the tongue, along with the logo on the back.

The shoe is available in grey, black, and white.

In addition to the new Dunk High, the new shoe will also be available in the sneaker’s signature colorway called Dunk Black, which features a black upper, a red tongue, and three red accents.

This is the first time Nike will be releasing Dunk Black shoes in the Dunk line.

The Dunk Black sneaker is currently available in select retailers and will cost $150.

Nike is also releasing a pair in the new colorway Dunk Black called the Nike Dunk Black High.

The new Dunk collection also includes a new Nike Air Max 1 sneaker, which is now available at select Nike retailers.

Nike also released a new Air Max X sneaker with the signature Nike SB logo on a white leather upper and Nike SB Flyknit tongue.

The Adidas SB Dunk Low sneaker has been available exclusively at Nike for the last few months and is available now for $100.

The Nike SB Jump Low sneakers are also now available for $80.

These new Dunk low-top sneaks will be the latest Nike sneaker releases from the Dunk collection.

Check out the first look at the new silhouette from Nike below.

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