Danish designer creates nail design inspiration for pumpkin design space

Danish designer Ljung Kristensen has created a set of pumpkin designs for his Danish design studio Easy Pumpkin Design Space.

The pumpkin designs are inspired by the holiday season and include an Easter-themed design for a pumpkin-shaped pumpkin head, and an ice cream-filled pumpkin design with an ice creme swirl.

Kristensen says the inspiration for the ice cream pumpkin design comes from his love of the ice cremes and the pumpkin in particular.

“This year’s pumpkin season is very much a holiday, and the way I’ve been making pumpkin decorating projects is through ice cream.

We have a lot of ice cream flavours in the collection and we love pumpkin so we decided to make an ice-cream pumpkin,” he says.

Kristensen said he came up with the ideas for the pumpkin designs when he and his family visited the Winter Wonderland in Copenhagen.

“We enjoyed the snow and all of the people walking around in it, so it was a perfect choice for the holiday,” he said.

Kristenson said he was inspired by what he saw when he came across some ice cream and pumpkins in his local market and thought about how they looked.

“I thought it was kind of silly that they would be used for ice cream, but I decided to take it a bit further and make it into something I could really use,” he explained.

Kristenson said the designs inspired him to start creating a pumpkin design studio, and he hopes the project will be successful.

Kristens pumpkin designs can be found on Easy Pumpkin’s website, and you can visit his Facebook page to see more of his designs.

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