Italian designer to design the new ‘Sonic’ video game console

Posted November 10, 2018 15:27:25The new ‘ Sonic ‘ video game consoles are coming and they look absolutely fantastic.

The new consoles are due to go on sale in September, but now a designer has been named to design them.

Sergio Rosas, head of design at design studio Ringoli Design, will create a brand new video game system that will be released alongside the new consoles. 

“The new console will be based on the concept of the Sonic 2 video game.

Sonic 2 has been the pinnacle of video games since the 90s, and is a great tribute to its legendary creator, Dr. Robotnik,” the design studio announced on its website. 

 “I think it is very important that the new Sonic is the ultimate Sonic video game, and that we celebrate the original game with this new system.”

Ringoli is also working on a brand-new sports game, the first of its kind, and it will be out on consoles in 2019.

“Our new project is focused on a sports game called Sonic Champions, which will be the first sports game to feature a true Sonic player,” the website explained.

“It will be played by players of all ages, with different styles, abilities and skills.” 

“Sonic Champions will also be a platform for fans to play, and players can enjoy competitive play with the game itself or with others in online games.” 

 The new video games are expected to launch with new features that include an online mode, in-game leaderboards, and leaderboards that will include other players. 

There will also also be new features such as social gaming and more. 

Ringoli will also release a video game about the classic character of Sonic, Sonic the Hedgehog, in 2020. 

In terms of the games, Ringoli is working on two Sonic titles. 

Sonic the Hedgehound: Racing will be a racing game with new graphics, sound and new characters. 

The company will also make a game about Sonic, the character from Sonic the Fighters. 

One of the first games in the Sonic series to be made by Ringoli, Sonic Racing is set to launch in 2018. 

With the new design, Ringuli is making a “game of love” with the Sonic franchise, as well as a “new game of hope”. 

“We’re going to show how much we love Sonic, and we’re going back to the heart of Sonic the hedgehog, and the Sonic the team and Sonic fans will be able to experience it together,” the company said. 

I’m a fan of Sonic games but the new ones are really awesome.

The design team at Ringoli has done a fantastic job.

I’m sure we’ll be working on more Sonic titles in the future. 

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