Which Minecraft house designs are most impressive?

I’m a visual designer, but I’m also a computer programmer.

I do a lot of my design on a computer, which can be a bit cumbersome.

I use Sketchup and Photoshop to create layouts and layouts for clients.

I also create and edit templates for websites, and even write articles for the company I work for. 

In this post, I’m sharing my favorite house designs, using the same technique I use to create them. 

Here’s what I think you’ll find here: 1. 

The Tendermint House  (Courtesy of Tendermint)This house design by Tetris House Design  takes the familiar, but refined feel of a modern home, and changes the proportions and colors to create a more modern and fun feel. 


Granite House   (Courtesy of Granite)Granitic House Design’s Granite House design combines a modern design with a traditional design, with elements from both. 


Dove House (Courtesy Of Dove)Dove’s House Design explores the relationship between architecture and design through its use of modern materials. 


Nestor’s House (Courtesy Of Nestor)Nestors house is built using traditional materials.

Nestors home is constructed using traditional and modern materials and features the traditional elements found in traditional homes. 


Fancy House In this house, a traditional house is transformed into a contemporary, urban-inspired home, as the original structure is removed and replaced with a modern, modern, contemporary house. 


Lucky’s House (Courtesy Lofty Lifts)Loftly Lifts’ Lucky’s House design incorporates elements of both contemporary and traditional design. 


Egg House This Egg House design features a simple but elegant design.

Its simplicity and elegance are a great contrast to its complexity. 


Mermaid’s House (Photo Courtesy of Mermaid House)Mermad’s house is a mix of traditional and contemporary elements, which are reflected in its color palette and layout. 


Ripley House Another modern house design from Mermaid House Design, Ripley House is built with traditional materials and uses an innovative layout to create an unusual design. 


Pilgrim’s House In this house design, Pilgrim’s is built to evoke the feel of an old-fashioned Victorian house, but with modern materials in the interior. 


Kirkwood’s House A modern house with an old, but beautiful feel, Kirkwood’s house looks to be the antithesis of the traditional house design.

The design also utilizes traditional materials, including brick, brickwork, and metalwork. 


Snowhouse  Snowhouses house design is a modern house that looks like an old farmhouse, complete with an interior with a Victorian charm. 


Wynn’s House This modern house features an open design that encourages interaction, with its lighted windows giving off a cozy ambiance. 


Carnival House Carnaval House’s Carnival House design, designed by the team behind Citadel, features modern materials like wood, and modern, natural elements, like ivy. 


Tongue House The Tongue House design is the work of the team that brought you Avengers Academy, which features a modern and modern design, and includes a modern kitchen with stainless steel appliances. 


Birds Eye View Birds eye view design by Bird’s Eye View Design uses modern materials, like glass, and traditional elements like marble and stone. 


Sparkle Tree House Sparkles house design incorporates traditional elements from traditional and retro designs. 


Chocolate Cake House Chocolate cake house by Sugar Pie Designs uses a modern twist to create one of the most beautiful houses I’ve seen in years. 


White House White House by Sugar Pie Designs uses traditional elements and traditional materials like stone and brick to create the most interesting and sophisticated house I’ve ever seen. 


Jade Tree House Jades house by Sugarpie Designs incorporates traditional and traditional house designs in an unconventional way. 


Stuffed Egg House Stuffed egg house by Sugar Pie Designs features traditional and new design elements, such as wood, brick, and stone, as well as elements of traditional, modern and retro styles. 


Sunburst House Sunburst house by Sunshine Designs uses the traditional and newer elements of the house to create something unique and exciting. 


Sunglasses House Sunglass house by Sunglass Design uses traditional and elements of a traditional style, as a new twist on traditional house styling. 


Wooden Garden Wooden garden by Sunshine

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