Why are the boys wearing pumpkin designs on their shirts?

This year, it’s Halloween and kids everywhere are getting into the spirit of the holiday with a little trick or treating.

The boys have done a little shopping and are sporting some pumpkin themed clothing. 

The boys have taken to the internet to share some of their favourite Halloween costumes from last year and we’re sharing some of the best. 

One of the most interesting trends this year is the ‘cotton’ theme.

This year, we’ve seen boys and girls do almost everything in the cotton style.

From hoodies, to jackets, to hoodies and sweaters, boys and young men are wearing a variety of cotton fabrics including the coconut material, cobalt blue and light blue. 

Another interesting trend this year was the ‘turtleneck’ look.

This looks very much like a traditional trench coat but with a more tailored fit.

As well as looking a little different, the turtleneck look is very cool and fun to wear. Some kids are dressed up as Santa and the girls are dressed up as elves and other characters.

One thing to remember is that there’s no shortage of kids out there dressing up as their favourite characters and it’s all perfectly harmless. 

If you’re looking to dress up as a character, the boys are wearing the Pumpkin Turtleneck in this photo. 

These kids are doing it with some cute and playful outfits and they look so perfect in the pictures. 

We also love the Halloween T-Shirt pattern.

This is an inspired T-shirt pattern that is great for kids and adults alike. 

What’s your favourite Halloween costume this year?

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