What the hell is this design stuff?

The new version of Microsoft’s digital design and design for health (DWD) platform is here, and it has some great features that you may have missed.

The new Microsoft Design Framework is designed to help users create beautiful design for any kind of site.

It offers features like simple to use drag-and-drop tools, drag-n-drop templates, and advanced drag- and-drop capabilities.

There are also a lot of features for designers, including a drag-in style sheet that lets you add shapes, text, and icons.

Microsoft has also made a few changes to its Design Framework that help make its software easier to use.

Here are some of the biggest improvements:•The new drag-ins can now be set up in a single file.

Previously, it was required to use multiple design files for the same project.•You can now use drag and drop templates in the same style sheet.

Previously you needed to select a specific template from the drop-down list.•The drag- in tool can now include a custom name, icon, and other properties to allow you to specify custom values for the drag-out.•A new drag and- drop style sheet is available in the “Drag & Drop” folder in the Design Framework.

This lets you create a new design that’s very similar to the one you’ve already created.

The biggest downside of the new Design Framework?

It’s very limited.

You can only create drag-ons that are at least 12 pixels wide, and you can only drag and drag to any area of your design.

The Microsoft Design Suite is available for download at:  https://www.microsoft.com/design The new Microsoft Visual Studio Design Framework will be available for purchase starting in March 2019.

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