I love the butterfly design

A butterfly design from the home interior designer’s catalog might just be my new favorite. 

The design, created by Hollie Kowalski, is called the Butterfly in a Cowl, and it comes in the shape of a butterfly on the left and a white cowl on the right.

The designer says the idea came to her while she was working in New York and she wanted to create something that “makes a statement.” 

I was so inspired by it, and I really like the design.

I think it’s one of the most interesting things I’ve ever created.

The designs that I’ve done in my own design career are all very whimsical, so I really wanted to do something with butterflies and that’s why I started working with Hollie Kampeski. 

I wanted to make something that I felt really comfortable in.

It was a little bit of a departure from what I do in the fashion world, but I think the result is really good.

I’ve been wanting to do a butterfly design for a while. 

It’s one I really enjoy and I think this is one that I will be forever grateful to Hollie for creating. 

She has a huge catalog of butterfly designs on her website and on her Instagram account, and she does a lot of creative things with the designs.

I’m really happy that she has a collection like this. 

Holly Kowalksi designs butterfly designs with the help of Hollie Kampesky and Designboom. 

For the designer, a butterfly was a symbol of freedom and individuality.

She told me she likes to keep her designs whimsical and creative, so she designed this butterfly design using the help of hollie kampeskys butterfly collection. 

What are your favorite butterflies? 

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