What you need to know about henna tattoos

New Scientist article A pair of new studies show that people can now make henna ink for themselves using simple DIY techniques.

Researchers at the University of Sydney, and the University at Albany in New York, both found that the process involves using a paint brush to apply a thin layer of henna to a patch of skin.

“There are a number of methods to apply henna.

One is to use a thin coat of henny paint,” said lead author Andrew Dolan, an assistant professor in the School of Social Sciences.”

It’s a very effective method, but it has to be carefully applied.

It needs to be held onto the skin so that it’s not drying out the skin.”

Dolan and his team had previously found that skin exposed to a light source of a certain colour, such as green or blue, would produce a different type of hennean, known as a brown henna, and that it was possible to achieve the same effect using just a brush.

However, it was a little more difficult to do it in a way that was not messy, so they used a paintbrush instead.

“Using a brush is pretty easy, but there’s some really important things to consider: how do you apply it, how do I know it’s the right kind of colour?

It’s hard to tell, so you don’t know if it’s going to work, and you also don’t want to overdo it,” Dolan said.”

You need to make sure that you’re applying it right on the skin.

It’s very difficult to apply it properly without a clean brush.”

In the study, participants were given the task of applying a thin green henna paint to a piece of skin from the left side of their arm, on their right side.

After that, they were asked to try to apply the same henna colour to the same piece of flesh in the right arm, which was then tested for colour and texture.

In the experiments, participants applied henna with varying levels of intensity.

They had to be aware that they were using a henna spray to apply, so the intensity was dependent on the intensity of the henna they were spraying.

“We were looking for the same colour in the same spot, so we were looking to see if we could make the same color happen over and over again,” Dolas said.

The researchers found that a little henna applied to the skin of the left arm had the same amount of colour as applying henna on the right.

But a little bit more henna was also more effective.

For instance, using a little less than one quarter of the amount of hennanas used in a previous study, Dolan found that using one quarter the amount was more effective than using the same percentage of hennains.

“This was quite a significant difference,” Dola said.

“It’s really, really significant, so it’s a really important finding.”

When you see that difference, it’s just really important for people to be mindful of the difference.

“For some people, however, the effects are not as dramatic.”

I have a problem with using too much henna because the skin is a little sensitive to the hennins, and I find that when you’re using too little, you can cause damage to the underlying tissue,” said Lauren Gage, a psychology student at the Australian National University in Canberra.

Gage, who is allergic to henna but does not use it, said she often wears henna-containing clothing.”

If I was to wear a hennica-containing dress, I would probably have to wash it and put it away, so I don’t really like to wear it.

It could be that it just seems like I should just put it all away and not worry about it,” she said.”[But] I think it might be important for the environment because you can have an environmental impact from the use of hennis.

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