When your house gets a roof, it might look like it’s falling apart, but the designer says it’s a good thing because it helps prevent water damage

Designer Stephanie Kroll’s house in San Francisco has a history of leaking pipes and leaking roofs.

And while the roof might not look like a disaster, it’s really an investment in the future.

When you put a roof on a house, you’re creating a new layer of insulation, which allows the air inside the house to be more effective at trapping moisture, allowing it to be less dense, which can help prevent condensation.

“The reason why this works is because it gives you a little bit of a seal to your house that you can’t get on your walls,” Kroll told Recode.

The idea is that the extra air can help the house keep cool when it’s raining, which is why the San Francisco area has the highest rate of roof leaks in the US.

The roof is also designed to help the roof dry up quicker than it could if the water didn’t come in.

“A roof leak can be an expensive issue,” Krol explained.

“You can end up paying hundreds of dollars to fix a roof leak, or thousands of dollars, or more.

So, it is a cost to be aware of, especially for the middle class.

So if you’re trying to build a house for a family of four, a house that’s designed for a single person is a little more expensive.”

Kroll said she didn’t want her house to become a “waste of money” when she sold the house, but it was important for her to pay for repairs when they happened.

“It’s not something that we’re going to be able to fix anytime soon, because we’re always having to pay these bills,” Kross said.

The house that was leaked to the public for the first time will be auctioned on June 14, and Kroll is offering a $3,500 deposit for the chance to own it.

The house is located at 539 N. Howard St., San Francisco, CA 94103.

The full listing can be found here.

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