The Art of Tattoo Design

article The art of tattoo design is as old as the world itself, and it’s been around for ages.

Aesthetic traditions like the Chinese and African art of traditional tattoos are now as old, and their aesthetic influences are as different as the colors of their ink.

As tattoo design moves into the digital era, designers are looking for ways to take the best of those traditions and turn them into a modern-day form of expression.

It’s a trend that’s led to some incredible designs, and a couple of recent winners of this year’s award show are the best.

The winner is a tattoo of a person’s face, by artist and tattoo artist Andrew Zlotnick.

It depicts a pair of glasses that look like glasses, a smiley face, and two hands that look kind of like hands.

The design is called “Shade of the Sun” by artist, artist and design consultant Aaron Fenton.

Zlotnik’s design is actually a little bit like a watercolor painting of a bird.

This bird is a bird that is not a bird, and the design is meant to represent a new kind of bird—the bird with a heart and eyes.

It also has a different color scheme from the standard design.

The artwork has been made into a tattoo by tattoo artist and author Alexi Vartanian.

Zlotnick’s tattoo, Shade of the Solar, won the first of a series of two award shows for the best design.

He has already had a lot of success with this design, winning a Design and Technology category in 2016, and winning the Design Competition in 2016.

It is a beautiful, colorful design that shows off the colors in the ink and the way it’s made.

It looks like something you would find in a watercolors shop.

The second winner of the 2017 Design Competition was a tattoo made with a digital drawing of a man’s face.

It was designed by Zoltan Dziedzic, a tattoo artist who specializes in creating tattoos that are both beautiful and practical.

Dziesic’s design was inspired by a scene from the film “The Hobbit,” where Bilbo Baggins walks through the Shire, where his friend Gandalf is staying.

In the film, Bilbo is walking through a forest with a pack of wolves when a great black stag suddenly appears and devours him.

The man who created this tattoo was inspired to make a tattoo depicting Bilbo’s death, which he has called “The Death of Gandalf.”

The image shows a man walking through the woods and encountering the Black Death.

The tattoo features the word “Death,” which is written across the top of the tattoo.

The third winner of 2017’s Design Competition is a design that’s so visually appealing that it’s going to be on the wall of your living room for years to come.

This design by artist Alexi Vasili, titled “Sketches of a Dream,” is a playful drawing of the world.

In this sketch, a man is sitting on a couch, his hands folded in front of him, his eyes closed, and his head resting on his knees.

The drawing shows a bird with wings, and arrows pointing up and down.

The colors in this drawing are very dark and vibrant, and you can’t see the wings, but the bird is so expressive.

The artist is an avid painter and tattooist, and he’s going after a visual language that’s unique and expressive.

The final design of the day by artist Mark Clements, is a little more abstract and a little less traditional.

He’s got a pair.

He holds a pen with a small nib, which is pointed toward the sky.

He draws the sky, and when he draws the sun, the ink comes out a little lighter.

This ink is called an “anemone” ink, and is used in traditional Chinese tattoos.

The anemone ink is one of the best ways to show a design’s colors and how it’s meant to be seen.

Clements won this design for the first time in 2017, winning the design competition for the Best Tattoo Art of the Year.

The art of tattoos has always been about individuality.

It took centuries to develop the art of painting, drawing, and sculpture, but we now have a new way to express ourselves, and that means that it can be done more effectively.

Tattoos are an extension of individuality, and there’s no better way to show it than to design a tattoo that is truly a tattoo, one that’s personal, meaningful, and uniquely yours.

Designers and artists are always looking for the next big thing, and this year, they have found it with the award show.

It seems like it’s never been more important to show the best designs, which are going to help us create the best products possible.

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