When to go nude for work

When it comes to getting the most out of your work day, don’t forget to take a step back and reflect on what makes you tick.

For many, the answer is something as simple as wearing a white suit.

But, if you’re not wearing one, you may want to consider a more subtle look to your look.

Here are a few tips for going nude for your office.


Dress for the occasion If you’re going to be at work, dress appropriately.

While some women might prefer to wear black and white work clothes, the more muted colors of white or green work wear can be flattering for men too.


Don’t wear too much When you wear too many colors at once, it can look like you’re over-dressing.

It’s best to choose one or two colors that complement your style.


Think about the client’s style The client may prefer a lighter tone of blue, brown or red.

You can wear a dark suit to complement a more subdued look.


Wear a shirt When it’s hot outside, you might want to wear a shirt to keep your heat away from your face.

The shirt can be a simple one-piece or one-quarter-size, depending on your size.


Wear black clothing The darker your skin, the darker your clothes will be.

If you prefer to keep it simple, wear a sweater or sweater sweater combo to keep the colors in. 6.

Wear shoes The heels should be wide enough to allow your feet to breathe comfortably.

This will help keep your feet cool in the summertime.


Wear comfortable socks Wear comfortable shoes if you have a tight fit or if you are a heeler.


Avoid jewelry Wear a single necklace with a single earring to help your look stand out.


Wear jewelry that you like to wear and don’t use for work Wear jewelry made from real stone, gold or silver to wear on your body and jewelry made out of natural materials to keep from wearing.


Wear your hair straight Don’t try to have your hair long or be bothered by it.

Hair can be very distracting for the eyes.

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