The Globe and Mail’s ‘Bubble’ column on the latest news

The Globe & Mail’s Bubble column has just finished its inaugural season and its first post-premiere feature is a piece on the bubble of new home building, with a focus on the most exciting, unexpected and unique new developments in Canada.

The Globe & amp;amp; Amalgamated News reports that this year’s Bubble is on home prices.

It includes a few different segments, but mostly it talks about a new trend in Canadian home prices: the rise in detached and semi-detached home prices, which are now at an all-time high.

Homeownership rates in Canada are at an eight-year high, which is largely due to the soaring costs of housing.

The number of homeownership households is also at an unprecedented high, with 3.5 million Canadians now owning their own homes.

The trend is not a new phenomenon, however.

The first bubbles popped in 2007, in a bubble that was a lot larger than any bubble currently forming in the US.

The U.S. bubble peaked in 2001, and the next bubble began in 2010, and then another bubble burst in 2015.

The most recent bubble peaked at just under $1 trillion in value in 2018, according to data from UBS.

This is a new bubble, though, and it has the potential to impact the entire housing market.

There are two main elements to the new trend, both of which are connected to the rise of the single family home.

First, it is clear that the majority of new homes being built are not in urban areas.

According to the latest Statistics Canada data, the proportion of new dwellings built in urban centres dropped from 64.5 per cent in 2014 to 57.1 per cent last year.

This trend is a result of several factors, including a shift in the demographics of Canadians, a rise in the number of people renting, and a general lack of demand in some areas.

The second factor is also a result, and is likely a consequence, of a trend that has been taking place in the United States.

A shift in demographics has led to a fall in the proportion living in cities.

A recent report from the US Census Bureau found that while there were still large numbers of people living in urban centers, the share of those who lived in cities dropped from 55.1% in 2000 to 40.5% in 2014.

This trend was also seen in Canada, where the proportion lived in urban communities declined from 63.1 to 57%.

In addition, a growing number of Canadians have chosen to move to larger cities, which have also led to higher rates of urban migration.

The trend of a shift away from urban areas is likely to continue as the number and type of homes being manufactured increase.

In Canada, there are more than 50,000 new homes each year being built, compared to about 30,000 in the U.K. and 25,000 per year in the Netherlands.

But a number of factors could have an impact on this trend, and in the case of detached homes, this could be driven by higher prices for the detached house itself.

The number of new detached houses has grown by almost 25 per cent over the past five years.

And this is largely a result from the rising number of buyers who are opting for the idea of renting rather than buying a home.

In the U, buyers tend to be younger, more affluent, and with lower income.

A higher proportion of renters is also likely to be renters, and they are the ones who are more likely to want to rent.

As a result there are fewer people buying homes, and therefore more empty houses.

This could have a negative effect on the trend in detached homes.

In addition, the rising prices of the detached home could also be a result in a lack of supply.

As the number is so high, and because of the rise and fall in prices of other kinds of homes, there is a lack for the type of new construction that is needed in a more urbanized and less urbanized Canada.

That may lead to fewer buyers and fewer sellers.

While there are a number factors that are connected, the trend of the rising price of homes in Canada is certainly a major factor, and one that we have seen in the past.

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