‘Dynamite’ designer Crossbody bags are now in the UK, and we’re on a roll

“The word ‘dynamite,’ as it’s being used, doesn’t really fit the situation.

It’s a bit of a misnomer.

We just thought we were going to do something that we thought was very unique and had the potential to really disrupt the fashion industry and bring something new to it.”

The Crossbody, a compact two-person bag with pockets, a built-in battery and a rear storage area, has quickly become a fan favourite with some calling it a revolution in luggage.

Its design is one of the biggest draws for many.

It is built to withstand the rigours of daily wear and tear, but is also durable enough to be packed into the back of a car or backpack.

Its high-tech design is designed to accommodate a range of people including a dog, a cat and even a wheelchair user.

“It’s a very sophisticated design,” said Matthew Riggs, the Crossbody’s chief designer.

“The back of the bag is padded and designed to be extremely light and very lightweight.”

It also features a design that is a combination of minimalist and modern.

“There’s a lot of technology in there, but there’s also the elements that really define the Cross body,” he said.

“You have this long stretch of nylon, there’s a belt that’s connected to a zippered compartment, and there’s three layers of nylon and mesh around the front and back, to keep the fabric from getting ripped or dirty.”

The bags are also waterproof, but Riggs said that’s about the only innovation the brand has added.

“The Cross body bags have the potential for being a pretty significant improvement in terms of design,” he added.

“You can have a very light, compact bag that’s very light and the next thing you’re going to have a water-resistant bag.”

What I think the brand is doing is they’re trying to take the Cross Body concept and make it even more innovative.

“But, while it may seem like the Cross bodies are just another bag, it’s not.

The brand has already released its first range of Crossbody-branded products.”

The company has also made some bold and unusual moves. “

We’re just trying to be a little bit more interesting and unique and different, and to create something really unique and special.”

The company has also made some bold and unusual moves.

In 2014, Crossbody launched its first-ever online store, CrossBodyShop.com.

The online store allowed customers to buy a range on-the-spot, and was a departure from the previous online stores.

The site was aimed at a younger demographic, and Riggs says the new store was a hit.

“I think people are definitely intrigued by Crossbody,” he told BBC Sport.

“They like the idea of an online store where you can go into the store and order things online and have them delivered right to your door.”

The website is now available for free to customers who have already ordered through the CrossBody Shop online store.

Riggs also said the company is aiming to launch Crossbody in more cities over the next few months.

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