When is the best time to buy a design for a smartphone?

How often should you shop for an iPhone, iPad or Android smartphone?

According to Apple, it is always best to buy an iPhone before upgrading to a newer device.

“We think the best way to make sure that we’re not investing in something that’s going to fail, is to upgrade to a new device before you upgrade to another iPhone,” Apple VP of Product Management, Scott Forstall, told Bloomberg in an interview.

“So if you’re going to be upgrading to an iPhone 5, iPhone 6, iPhone 7, you should upgrade to that device.” 

In an interview with Forbes, Forstall also confirmed that upgrading your iPhone or iPad to a version with better performance and features is not the best option for consumers.

“If you’re upgrading to iOS 11.0, you are going to lose some performance.

If you’re a regular user, upgrading to the new iOS version will save you some money, and you’ll be able to get some performance enhancements that are really going to help,” he said.

“But if you are a long-time user of iOS, and your iPhone is one of the older devices, and it’s been through a major software update, it’s not the most appropriate upgrade.

So the choice is between upgrading your device, which we believe is better than upgrading it to iOS 10, which is not what the average user would want.” 

So, which phones are best for upgrading?

In an article on Mashable, author Andrew Blevins argues that, while upgrading to Android smartphones is generally the best choice for most consumers, the choice can be made to upgrade your iPhone to an older version of iOS if you prefer.

“I think that’s the best strategy,” Blevin said. 

“If you need a bigger screen, a bigger processor, or better battery life, and that’s something that you can afford to do, then you should be upgrading your phone,” he added.

“Because you don’t have to.”

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